31 May 2013

lemony-minty toner diy

yesterday, PI said something to me he hadn't said in a long time.

'why are you so sweaty?'

he had just come home from work, and we were both laying on the couch and decompressing.  i mentioned it was a pretty hot day out, and he looked at me and examined the greasiness of my face.  i thought i had a healthful glow from my jog that morning, but he set me straight.  it looked like my face was dripping with sweat [though i assure you it was not].  but either way, it wasn't a good look.

but don't judge me.  it's hot out.  really, really hot.  it's smack-you-in-the-face, never-dry-off-from-the-shower type hot.  it's that east coast humidity that really gets in your bones, and once it shows up in june [or the last weekend of may] you aren't getting rid of it.  all. summer.  long.

to help combat summer-sweat-face, i like to use a garden tomato toner in the morning and whenever i feel like i need it to freshen up.  but my toner seems to be gone from just about everywhere i can find it, so i was stuck looking for a new one.  but then, after coming across a few recipes online, i decided i would try my hand at making my own. 

my favorite recipe i found was from shwin & shwin, and i made only minor adaptations.

all you'll need is:

1 c of filtered or distilled water
2/3 c cucumber witch hazel [i used thayer's, available at whole foods]
1/2 c fresh lemon juice [took me 2 1/2 lemons worth]
2 tbsp rubbing alcohol
1 bunch fresh mint leaves
a plastic container or jar

directions after the jump ...

combine water + witch hazel in a mixing bowl.  in a separate small bowl or glass, pour the rubbing alcohol over the mint leaves and crush together well until the alcohol looks green and smells quite minty. set aside.

squeeze lemons to loosen juices, then microwave for 15 seconds.  this will get the juices flowing nicely.  use a juicer to squeeze into a measuring cup.  pour into water and toner mixture, pushing through a sieve or cheese cloth to the catch seeds and pulp.

pour in mint-soaked alcohol, again using sieve or cheese cloth to catch excess mint leaves.  pour into your toner container, and marvel at your amazing work. 

if you have any extra, pour into a glass jar and store in your fridge.

make sure you label it, because it will smell like lemony-mojito bliss with the mint and alcohol.  i had to remind myself that i shouldn't taste test it. 

i store my toner in the fridge when it's really hot for maximum cool-down effect.  it's like magic you can douse on a cotton ball and swipe your face with.  you just trust me on that one.

til next time...

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  1. it does look like something tasty to drink! we've got that smack-you-in-the-face humidity as well here in TX. will have to try it!