05 April 2011

10 best movies

well, my cold yesterday has turned into a full-blown something awful and i'm stuck home on the couch.  in honor of my resting and watching movies i thought i would post another 10 best: my 10 favorite movies.  these aren't in order.  half of them were bombs so don't be surprised by my awful taste...

1.  vanilla sky

my all-time favorite, hands down.  the trippy love story of all love stories.  say what you will, but i love tom cruise.  and penelope cruz is enchanting.  i had to write an essay on this movie my freshman year of college, and after watching it over and over and over i fell head over heels.  "the sweet is not as sweet without the sour."  "the little things... there's nothing bigger, is there?"  "every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around."  "...the saddest girl to ever hold a martini."  i cry every time i watch this move and i love it more every time too.

2.  wicker park

"love makes you do crazy things.  things you'd never see your self doing in a million years."  another lovely fanatical love story.  and josh hartnett is crazy hot, so that's a plus too.  it's actually suspenseful... the first time philip watched it with me he kept asking, "is he going to find her?  just tell me if he finds her." it's unbearable and the ending is satisfying every time.

3.  jack goes boating

this is what i have the pleasure of watching today while home sick.  it should be noted that i am obsessed with philip seymour hoffman and think that everything he does is pure genius.  including this film.  he's soft spoken, shy, sweet, innocent even.  and all he wants to do is make her happy.  it's so romantic how much he does for her.  the scenes where jack is being taught how to swim by his best friend will have you forgetting you're watching a dramatic story about love of all kinds.  and the soundtrack is killer - fleet foxes, grizzly bear, DeVotchKa, goldfrapp.  perfect for a rainy day.

4.  eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

another insane love story.  seeing a pattern yet?  i love the idea of this film... two people break up and are so devastated by what they have been through they erase the memory of their relationship from their memories.  and once jim carrey is in the chair, having his memory erased, we get the pleasure of watching the memories in reverse, and he has the misfortune of deciding it's a bad idea to give up on her.  it's spell-binding.

5.  away we go

two of the best combined: john krasinski and dave eggers (plus paul schneider as the brother!).  can't go wrong.  and the part where they are laying in bed, and she says, "no one's in love like we are," is just beautiful.  john krasinski is surprisingly funny, especially when they are in madison.  fantastic.  another great soundtrack -- all alexi murdoch.

6.  the weather man

it's quite possible that i was the only one to like this movie.  but it's definitely the best nicolas cage movie.  he's so lovable as a father just trying to pull his life back together, though we all see it's not going to happen the way he wants it to.  i love black comedies, and this has all the elements of a really good movie to me.

7.  it's complicated

it wouldn't be an accurate list without listing this movie.  nancy meyers makes amazing movies.  it really fell in love with her when i saw something's gotta give (see #8 below!)... but just when you think movies can't get any better she comes out with it's complicated.  and of course anyone who has seen this movie, and knows my parents, knows that this is essentially the story of my mother and father.  they have both happily moved on now, but it's just a little too similar.  plus... look at these men.  my dad looks SO MUCH like alec baldwin!  he is jack donaghy on 30 rock.  and my mother reminds me so much of meryl streep in this film... so cool, so collected, stylish, very zen.  very mother-hen with her children.  very donna.

8.  something's gotta give

another beautiful movie by nancy meyers.  "i'm sixty-three years old, and i'm in love... for the first time in my life."  so perfectly funny.  and no one can ever be better than ms. diane keaton.  the scene where she wakes up crying is just the best she could ever be -- such comedic and womanly instinct.  and of course, the ending in paris... where we all dream of falling in love.  last time philip and i were in paris, almost two years ago, we went to le grand colbert just like in the movie.  no roast chicken for me, but champagne, of course :)

9.  austin powers: goldmember

pure silliness.  but we are fond of the silliness :)  and austin powers is as good as it gets in this spoof genre.  the first two are great but the third is the best one for me.  

10.  stranger than fiction

another box office bomb, but it's so creative.  i love the idea of having a narrator for my life.  and you wouldn't expect will ferrell to be soulful or such a lovable loser but he's the perfect man for the role.  the way he changes his life and embraces his death is the perfect end to this unexpected comedy.  death and taxes.

well jack goes boating is over.  still sick.  what next?  maybe lars and the real girl :)

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