01 June 2013

very exciting announcement!

GUYS.  big news here.

i am so thrilled to announce that my website is finally live + ready for you all!

it's been such a fun road here at an italian girl going dutch, but the reality is that, thanks to all my readers, i've outgrown this site.  it no longer has the capabilities to do what i need it to do, and for as much work as i've put into it, it just kind of looks old to me.

so after weeks of hard work and planning, a blogging HTML course + lots of research, i put together my own site.  i am so excited to share it all with you today.

there are still a few changes coming to the new website over the next couple weeks, but on the whole it is done, save for some new photos coming.

it's been a really fun ride.  i started an italian girl going dutch because PI + i had recently bought our house, and we wanted to share the renovations we were planning and our many travels with our friends and family near and far.  since then, it's grown in size and readership and my blog topics have evolved.

but from here on out, i won't be the italian girl going dutch anymore...

i'll be so alaina

so come on over and check it out.  all your old favorite posts are there, along with many new features.

in another week or so i will change this site to automatically redirect to so alaina, so get your bookmarks + email updates situated... and enjoy!

thanks to the beautiful sarah mc cormick for the site name idea in the form of a haghtag, to the girls of blog (design) love for the fabulous e-course on HTML and branding, and to my amazing readers and supporters for helping me grow this more than i thought i ever could!

til next time... see you at the new site!