31 July 2012

high high #22

i love waking up to good news!  especially when the news is that four of my photographs have been selected to be shown at an art exhibit in the new city hall here.  there was over 240 pieces of art submitted, and each artist can have up to five displayed.  so i'm pretty lucky :)

i'm somewhat of an amateur photographer.  i love photography, especially travel photography and portraits (though i'm not really good at portraits).  this is the first time my photography will ever be on display or for sale, which i am thrilled about.  i've always been told i should pursue photography, and i've never taken it too seriously.  it's just something i like to do and if i sell a few here and there, well then that's just fantastic.

so the theme of the exhibit is "bountiful living," which is a little ambiguous.  i submitted some photos that seemed 'bountiful' to me, that were calming and happy.  they selected three that i submitted for that series.  i also submitted a few of my travel pictures for another possible exhibit, and one of those was selected as well.  so i'm a little surprised at the fourth one since it doesn't seem to fit in with the theme, but i'm delighted nonetheless! 

and the chosen photographs are...

alaska, june 2008
paris, june 2009

the netherlands, may 2007

and the surprise pick - paris, june 2009

 til next time...

29 July 2012

herbs for everyone.

puppy-sitting the brew again this weekend.  before it got to hot this morning we took the little pup our for a walk up to common grounds, our favorite local coffee shop.  we usually try to stay away from the busier streets and lust at the gorgeous little denver cottages in our neighborhood.  today we passed the sweetest garden that we've never passed before.  game us a great idea for our front yard!

an herb garden in a front yard where anyone can take herbs.  fresh local food + free for people = good karma. 

look at these huge basil plants!
that is one tired puppy :)
who knows if i'll ever do anything with my front yard (soooo hot out and no time), but if i do i'd LOVE to do something like that.  what an awesome thing. 

hope everyone is enjoying their summer weekend!   til next time...


21 July 2012

thought of the day...

"one day alice came to a fork in the road and saw a cheshire cat in a tree.
'which road to i take?' she asked.
'where do you want to go?' was his response.
'i don't know,' alice answered.

'then,' said the cat, 'it doesn't matter.'"
- lewis carroll

happy saturday :)

19 July 2012

high high #21

my new crate & barrel bowls finally arrived!

i have been wanting these parker nesting bowls forever, but for a few years they stopped making the blues and greens that i wanted.  and then a week or so ago - they were back!  happy day for me!  bonus: it's a set of 5, and when i opened mine today the second smallest bowl was cracked.  so i called up customer service, and they are sending me a while new set for free!  thank you c & b!

i know that my last high high was also about something i bought, but hey.  it's been a slow month.  i'm in summer school, working like crazy, and philip is out of town for two weeks.  plus i can't drink.  so there isn't much going on around here except for some online shopping :) 

til my next purchase! 

17 July 2012

high high #20

today i ordered new sheets.

now i realize that, in itself, isn't super cool.  but there are two things i love about this:

1 - garnet hill flannel sheets are kind of a big deal.  they are super fancy, incredibly warm, and very expensive.  luckily the color i've been dreaming of is being discontinued, which equals a 40% discount for me.  sweet!  we got a pair as a housewarming gift and i've been in love ever since.  these sheets are so warm folks, that in the winter i wash them on sunday mornings and then put them right back on my bed that evening.  there are no other sheets on our bed from november through february.  no joke. 

2 - there is something kind of grown up to me about making that kind of a purchase just because you want to and you can.  it made me kind of happy :)  i saw the sheets, decided i wanted them, and hopped online and bought them. 

yes, this kind of stuff makes me happy these days.

another great thing that happened today is that i turned in my first paper for my summer class, which means i'm 1/3 of the way done.  i like that!  but unfortunately, none of these things can make up for my low of the day - philip left for two weeks for school.  i'm all alone and very lonely :(

til next time...

05 July 2012

entryway LOVE.

what did you do for the 4th?  barbeque with friends, hang by the pool, or maybe just light off some sparklers with some cool lemonade?  well, not me my friends.  i did this.

but that lovely, calming blue used to be dark maroon red, and it was the worst.  and we finally did something about it. i have a blue entryway, blue staircase, and a white ceiling.  who would have thought?  it makes the space look at least twice as big, and it wasn't nearly as hard as i thought it was going to be.  with the help of my mom (the expert painter) it only took us an afternoon.  and we were done in time for sushi and a late trip to ikea :)

of course nothing is totally done - trim still needs to be painted (probably this weekend), decor needs to go up, stairs need to be carpeted - but i can finally start planning the wall collage up the stairs i've been dreaming about for two years now.

a few more pics of our super-productive independence day.  please note that for a little while, our entryway and hallway was red, white and blue.  very patriotic.

swatches of the new paint

downstairs detail with light fixture

mom painting the top ceiling corners!

philip hard at work (with mussolini darting down the stairs)

door looks amazing with the new wall color!

updated entry decor (still in progress)

what a difference a day makes (a hard day that is).  

until the next project... have a happy thursday!