19 March 2012

visitors & vacation!

well helloooo!  i have some exciting news...

...this week is 'spring break'!  i say 'spring break' because of the amount of homework i still have this week, which is wholeheartedly disappointing.  but there is definitely a glimmer of good news.  we have some visitors coming at the end of the week, and we will be going on a mini-vacay up to keystone (again) this weekend.  hooray!

our visitors are p's dad and step-mom, who hasn't seen the house yet.  so good thing there isn't school this week because i can really focus on cleaning the house so it makes a very good first impression on our special guests :) so i plan on taking a few pictures to share the house, because i haven't done that in ages and there are some changes around here.  i've done a little guest room face life, we've had a roommate move in, and i changed the living room around (again).  so be on the lookout for these pictures tuesday or wednesday or thursday, whenever i have time.

but THEN, after our guests this weekend, we will be having even MORE guests the first weekend of april!  my insanely awesome cousin sister E is coming to visit along with her adorable husband.

there have also been some shake-ups at OFA which have kept me a bit busier there than usual.  but what, taking on more than i can handle?  no, not me...

til tomorrow!


18 March 2012


what is the greatest day in the history of the world? 


i heard this the other day, and i love love LOVE it.  i'm still around, but my weekend classes started this weekend and life is crazier than ever.  i'll post again soon! 


10 March 2012

saturday morning blanks

notice a trend here?  yeah, i'm too busy to blog on fridays.  that's the trend.  last night PI & i celebrated valentine's day, since my birthday is on the obnoxious holiday.  so we went to a fancy dinner and celebrated ourselves.  it was awesome :)  today is filled with - you guessed it! - homework, and then a fundraising dinner tonight.  should be lovely.  

but for now... blanks time!  lauren @ little things posts them every week, and these week they are home themed.  it makes me sad... i remember the days when i used to post about updating our bathroom, decorations, fun stuff like that.  now all i do is complain about politics and homework.  someday.  sigh.

1.  my favorite room in my home is   our living room  because   it's where everyone hangs out.  plus it's the most versatile room in the house, and it's the only one i feel like is done.

2.   my current decor style is   eclectic, mismatched and worldly but i wish it were more    cohesive & pulled together.  it's all over the place, just like me.

3.  i wish i could redecorate the kitchen in my house to make it more our style.  it was updated by the last owner, but it still isn't really my cup of tea.  there's a window over the sink that's too tall, so i stare at the base of it when i do dishes.  the green marble and natural wood just isn't my style either.  but that would be a fortune.

4. my dream house absolutely has to have a  history.  i don't like new houses, or houses that are so updated you can't feel the story of the house.

5. one house item i am willing to splurge on is   a couch. We practically live on our couch, so it's a good investment. We're currently on the hunt for something that is both modern and comfortable, which is surprisingly difficult - many times clean lines = hard lines and we definitely need a comfy couch .

6. a decor trend that i just don't "get" is the farmhouse look.  i like antiques, but i don't get why anyone would want to live in a space that's that rustic and not super comfortable.  i think a home should tell a story about the people who live in it.

7.  tons of candles and photographs  is a little touch that makes my house feel like home.

til next time (maybe even tomorrow!)... 

07 March 2012

how do you see the world?

ideology: the ideas and manner of thinking characteristic of a group, social class or individual.

i love this.  learning stuff in school is always fantastic, but feeling those dots connect in your own life is something i really value about school.  in class a few weeks ago we were discussing ideologies and political theory.  as all good classes do, the discussion prompted some deep thought on my part.  

how do i see the world?  what is it that i believe in?

well, for starters, i reflected on an experience i had a few months ago.  it was a conversation i had with an obama supporter back in november, where this man said something simple that struck me as profound.  referring to people who oppose his political views, he said, 'we just don't see the world the same way.'  i loved that.  i had never thought of my own political views that way, but here was a man who saw disagreement as more than just policy issues.  it was a difference in the way the world looked to him.  and not so much at the time, but since then i've been doing a lot of thinking (especially coupled with studying ideologies in class) about how i see the world.  and how i've always seen the world.  i'm just now (i know, i know) putting together the fact that what i'm doing now with my life and why i'm going to school is a direct reflection on how i was raised and my views of the world.  

how do you see the world?  what is important to you?  

just spending a lot of time thinking about this lately and thought i'd share.  plus i've been a bit MIA this week (volunteering four times this week - LOVE IT - plus school tonight, and valentine's day friday night). 

til next time...

03 March 2012

busy blanking saturday!

well, hello there.  if you come here often, you won't be surprised that i am just now getting to fill in the blank friday, even though it's, ummm... saturday.  saturday late afternoon to be exact.  but what can i say, i went straight from work to a work function last night and didn't get home til 11.  today was more work, haircut with my fave hair stylist ever, homework and now sigh.  blogging :)  so sorry for the delay, and i hate to say this, but it's going to get worse before it gets better.  my weekend classes start here in two weeks and then i won't come up for air til the first week of may.  so i'll enjoy this now, because who knows when i'll be back... 

1.  the highlight of my week was  my OFA phone bank, getting ready for super tuesday for which i will be a caucus captain, and some other cool stuff that happened.

2.   if i had to classify my interior design aesthetic it would be   eclectic, mismatched and worldly.

3.  my first vehicle was   lousie, my 2001 blue volkswagen jetta. best car EVER.

4. an item i need to have in my day in order to function is  music. wakes me up in the morning, makes my drive to work tolerable, and cheers me up when i need it.

5. my favorite way to waste time is  uh-oh, too many. discovering fun things on pinterest, or reading my version of celebrity gossip.

6. right now i could really go for   a cocktail and some sunshine.

7.  this weekend i will be  doing homework, a lot of homework.

i'll try to be back tomorrow, folks!