28 January 2012

first january update!

hi friends. i’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
the absolute craziness that was january is now over, and it’s on to february!  i am very excited to announce that the script is finished.  there may be a few corrections or edits, but that should be a breeze (except in the nightmare i had last night where i basically had to rewrite everything.  terrifying!).  so school is underway, and so far so good.  i have a night class this semester, which actually isn’t turning out to be as painful as i thought it would be.  three onlines and a weekend class that starts in march – then the hardest part is done.  after this semester i’m looking at two summer classes and four fall classes, then GRADUATION!  i tell ya that day can not come soon enough.
besides my crazy school work, 2012 has been good so far!  i think it will definitely be my busiest year ever, but i’m looking forward to all the challenges and surprises the next 11 months bring. 
but busy-ness aside, 2012 has been fantastic! we already accomplished one of our 2012 goals – refinancing!  whoooo!  and the best news of the year… i am going to be an auntie again!  this time on my side of the family, my cousin-like-a-sister is pregnant!  i am sooo beyond stoked and am already planning a million ideas for the baby shower.
largely due to our crazy month, i have done next to nothing in the house.  seriously.  i half-heartedly redecorated the guest room, and i did a few little crafts before school started.  kind of sad.  but we are still planning on starting the two major projects for 2012 semi-soon:
        downstairs bathroom overhaul
        painting the entryway/staircase/hallway
looking ahead to february, the next month has my sister annie coming to visit and my birthday!  it’s going to be grand!  so glad i could finally catch you all up – happy 2012!
OH, and i have started wasting what little free time i have on pinterest, so follow me there during my blog absences!

ps - last night was a wonderful girlfriend-filled night at the 9th door for my girlfriend SB who is moving away.  i just want to say best of luck to CB + CB on their new adventure!  i'll miss you lady! 

my bestest girlfriends!

27 January 2012

finally - first blanks of the new year!

whoo - i'm finally able to play fill-in-the-blank friday again! AND it's about travel, so double whoo whoo!!!

1.   my favorite place i've ever traveled to is AGH! hardest question ever!  i know this is cheating, but my top3:
  • barcelona
  • morocco.  there's something about the middle east and africa that i love.
  • italy - the whole country.

2.    russia  is somewhere i'd love to go someday.  ideally the trans-siberian railway.

3.  i pass the time on a plane (or bus, or car ride or train) by talking and dreaming with my love. also listening to music or watching shows with him.

4.  my three must-haves when i travel are my camera, my good-luck airplane travel charm (which has the most amazing story behind it) and music.

5.  my favorite travel companion is obviously philip. we travel so well together.  i'll never forget the first trip we ever took the two of us - it was the first time we were going to be alone for an extended period of time, and i remember worrying to my girlfriends ,"what if we can't travel together???"

6.  the craziest thing that ever happened to me while traveling is bshhhhh.  so many.  here's probably my top three: 
  • on a train ride from amsterdam to prague with my buddy de los three people committed suicide by jumping in front of our train, we were stuck for hours.  
  • on our honeymoon in istanbul i got in the middle of two turks fighting, i got pinned against the wall by a man who was being kicked by police officers.  
  • while making a tight connection in berlin from nyc to prague the first ticket agent ripped my ticket in half, saying i wouldn't need it, and then they refused to let me on the plane for not having a ticket. 

7.  the most exotic food i've ever tried while traveling is  probably duck.  i don't do well with exotic foods, or meats anyway.  we were out to dinner our 2nd night in paris and i told philip to order for me (french is his favorite food), and he ordered me duck confit.  i was kind of pissed since i don't really eat meat, but oh my god was it delicious.   literally ate it every night for the rest of our trip.

now a little update on me:

i finished the script, school is well underway and i will update soon - this weekend!



18 January 2012

high high #13

7:20am - arrive at work for 7:30am morning meeting
1:00pm - lunch break
1:30pm - lunch break interrupted, go back to work
4:30pm - leave work to go home, 30 min commute
5:00pm - rush to class that starts at 5pm, show up a few minutes late
7:50pm - get out of class & finally head home to scrounge up dinner and work on the script
8:00pm - come home to candlelit dinner of rice and veggies (delicious!), open bottle of wine, and a pint of my favorite ben & jerry's, all courtesy of my amazing husband philip.  i don't care how bad that ice cream is for me, it's the best.

but really, philip is the best of the best for making everything that is awful wonderful again. 

:) :) :) :) :) 

16 January 2012

in case you were wondering...

hi friends.  happy 2012.

sorry for my prolonged absence!  the irony of it all is one of my goals for 2012 is to update my blog weekly.  HA!  guess that hasn't started off too well.

there won't be much in this post, just wanted to tell you i'm still alive and explain just a bit about my absence.

i'm still on break from school, however, this has been much less of a break than i'd hoped for.  so far, this is what 2012 has brought us and what i've been up to:

  • writing a script for a documentary (!!!)
  • back to school tomorrow
  • still working...
  • recruiting for OFA like a mad woman (i got promoted!)
  • still volunteering with olive branch

and yep, i think that's all.  not too much :) 

i'll re-surface soon, in the next week or so, and try to get back to blogging!  but for now, i've got a deadline to meet...