06 February 2012

i now wear glasses.

hi folks.  here's the story of my eyes.

so a few years ago i had all kinds of vision problems, like awful blurriness, light sensitivity and watery eyes.  i had to see a few optometrists, then opthamologists, and then neurologists.  and the end result was that i have a cataract in one of my eye, which screws up my vision (just in one eye).  so i got glasses.  only i didn't always have to wear them, just when my eyes bothered me - schoolwork, computer work, etc.

but i didn't do that.  so now i'm supposed to wear them all the time.

so i figured, go big or go home... so i picked out some new glasses.  i mean, cool people wear glasses, right?

exhibit [a]:
tina fey, original and the coolest glasses-wearer.

exhibit [b]:

rashida jones, from our idiot brother. she rocks those awful glasses.

exhibit [c]:
my personal fave, zooey deschanel in new girl.
exhibit [d]:
chloe sevigny, a little weird but kind of cool.
exhibit [e]:
julia roberts, although i don't think she usually wears hers.
exhibit [f]:
meryl streep, although i probably shouldn't be comparing myself to a 60 year old woman.
so, the next time you see me, i'll be wearing glasses.  yikes.



ps - four days til anne is here!

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