30 September 2012

sunday evening deep thought.

you can't be a man.
don't even try.
be a woman.
it's powerful business when done correctly.

thought of the day, courtesy of mad men.

photo from http://jensonjane.tumblr.com/

28 September 2012

friday blanks!

hey all... it's that time again! 

1.  my first memory is [super good question] random flicks of our house in new york, the 'yellow house.'  the red carpet, the couch, drinking apple juice on the couch watching sesame street, my pop coming over on saturday mornings,  just little things.

2.  my first love was complicated.  we were best friends who did everything together, and he was never even my boyfriend.  but we were totally inseparable to the point where he'd climb up my balcony at night just to hang out with me.  the weird part was that it wasn't until years later that i realized i was in love with him.  but my first actual love i had who i dated was my high school/college boyfriend; we were together for five years.  we had some pretty messy times, but when i look back i realize it was all just because we were so young.  i don't know how anyone could marry their first love - you just go through so much before getting to the person you grow up to be.

3.  my very first favorite color was blue, still is!

4.  the first time i really felt like a 'grown up' was when i traveled by myself.  but ironically, it wasn't when i was living in prague and traveling then.  it was when i had moved home and i was flying out to california to meet philip's family for the first time, so i just booked my tickets and paid for them and that was it.  and i felt super grown up [despite the fact that i had been doing that for a year in europe].

5.  the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning is hit the snooze button, then check my email.

6.  the first CD i ever bought was U2's achtung baby. 

7.  my first car was a blue volkswagen jetta, the year they came out with their new body style.  i loved that car.  her name was louise and she only lasted a few short years.

tonight we are heading out to a new place to celebrate our anniversary - yesterday was our FOUR YEAR wedding anniversary!  school this weekend and then it's into a homework coma - LOTS of big projects coming up.  ugh.

happy weekend!

our wedding day

us today

27 September 2012

what's been going on vol II.

yesterday i finally [and quickly!] debriefed on my sister-in-law's visit.  just four short days after she left, we flew off to nyc for some family time, mostly for two reasons:  first off, a family wedding; second off, meeting my new nephew! 

the weekend was amazing, and such a whirlwind.  i started this post like 4 times, each time with more photos than the last.  i seriously have over 200 photos of this weekend, i will try to do 1-2 photo summation of each day.

day one
so the most amazing thing happened on day one of our trip.  i met my nephew for the first time.

this is the first picture ever taken of me and my first nephew the first time i held him.  the most amazing feeling.  i truly looked at him and just fell in love.  it's not the best picture of the two (or three) of us from that day, but just has to be included because it totally changed me. 

the rest of the day was pretty kick ass too - got to see my godmother's GORGEOUS remodeled city apartment [finally homeowners - an amazing feat in the city!] and saw an old friend that we studied abroad with for dinner.  we enjoyed many margaritas tacos at diablo royale it the village, and drinks at our usual pub on hudson st.

us on the rooftop patio at my godmother's new house
us with steve, our great friend from prague
[yes, i broke my own 1-2 picture rule on the first day.  but had to share that rooftop pic!]

day two
wandering around the city is always a great day.  we shopped through soho, sifted through a flea market in the village, and met up with PI's family, my mother- and sister-in-law.  we even picked up PI a new suit at topshop for his promotion [20% for students? yes please!].

after the leisurely part of the day, we sped to uniondale for the family dinner before the wedding.  it was so awesome to see so many family members we haven't seen in a while, and dinner was such a blast.

us with oma, who we haven't seen in 4 years!
day three
hooray - wedding day!  we slept in, ate at an awesome east coast diner [there's nothing like them], relaxed and then enjoyed a beautiful wedding.

me and my date

the beautiful bride

 day four
after the wedding festivities were through, we got to spend another relaxing day at home with little jack.  we took him for a walk and had breakfast, then headed into the city with my godmother for a lovely french meal at lyon.  we met some of my godmother's friends, who have become like friends and family to philip and i.  they are such awesome people and have done so much for us. 

kind of like this look for PI.

afternoon in jefferson square.
 day five
last day of the trip :(  and we spent the entire day with captain jack.

when my cousin n - who is like my sister [which is why her son is considered my nephew] - were growing up, my mom took so many pictures of us that she made us a book of just pictures of the two of us.  so now that she has a baby of her own, we thought we should take some pictures of us plus jack for our book.  so here are my favorite shots.

my gorgeous cousin, who has become even more beautiful in motherhood

we didn't even plan this - just kissed him at the same time.

just staring at him and smiling. so amazed at all the love there is for this little tiny baby.
and that truly was our whirlwind trip, but amazing.  can't wait to head back in december!

til next time...! 

26 September 2012

what's been going on vol I.

hey there all!

so i am super behind at blogging because things have been so wonderfully busy around here.  we just got back from our amazing trip to NYC last night, and i was going to post some pictures - but then i realized i still hadn't shared the details of my sis-in-law's trip out two weekends ago!  

here are a few of the good ones.  the weekend was amazing and included brunch at one of our old favorites, dinner at the always fabulous le grand, and an unexpected trip to the museum of nature and science.  it was relaxing and a really nice visit. 

PI, me & n at brunch
mom & her new bf :)

stepping foot on star alkaid at the museum

grizzly bears!

me + antlers
ok, more pics soon!  next up: wedding and family time in new york!

til tomorrow...

17 September 2012

pinspiration #4: pillow covers

i don't sew.  that's exactly what i said to the woman cutting my fabric at joann's last week.  she looked at me like i was kind of crazy, which i understand.  who buys fabric, and then, while it's being cut, says they don't plan on sewing at all?  the woman tried to tell me about ways to iron fabric together like a hem but without sewing, and i told her i still wasn't going to do that. 

see, i had found this pin on pinterest:

no-sew pillow cover for old pillows

and i was determined to give it a shot.  all i needed was two yards of fabric (that was just a guess that turned out to work).  i have some very boring pillows and have been wanting to mix it up.  but i am not too crazy about the idea of spending money on fancy pillows (i usually use them as a plate and/or desk), especially because i like to change them up with the seasons.  end result?

well hello there, fancy pillow!

all for two yards of fabric.  plus it took me twice to tie the knot just right.  but i pretty happy with it - i'd say it's my favorite pinterest project so far!

i did a LOT of awesome stuff this weekend with my sister in law n!  i have tons of pictures to share, but unfortunately i am super behind in school with the funeral last week and n's visit - plus we are heading out to new york in just three short days!  so lots to do around here.  i'll be back soon with pictures from the weekend and updates.

til next time...

14 September 2012

hooray for friday!

well, it's finally friday - and boy am i stoked about that.  it was a rough week here and i am happy for it to be over and moving on to happier things.  i am super behind in just about everything since there was lots of unexpected family and friends time this week, but that will have to wait - it's FITB friday and my sister-in-law n is here today!  hooray!

now for the blanks first - remember to head over to little things we do to link up and play along.

1.  right now the weather where i live is finally turning to fall!  which means a few days in the 70s, a few in the 50s, then a random one in the 60s.  it's colorado, but it's still beautiful.

2.  the best piece of advice i've ever been given is the worst that can happen is he can say no.   it was when i was showing up at an autograph signing for a professional hockey player and was instead going to ask if i could interview him for our college newspaper.  it's a good philosophy, just sub out the 'he' for whatever it is you are thinking of doing.  the worst that can happen in any given situation is it doesn't work out, so you try something else.  i have used it with moving - if it doesn't work, you move again.  or with a job - if it doesn't work out, then you find another one.  nothing is really permanent in this life.

3.  my most favorite person in all the world is my husband, for so many reasons, but the biggest one is that he always knows the right thing to say to make me laugh or feel better or comfort me.

4.  if i were to have a 'mission statement' for my life it would be [oh i think i've blogged this one before!] 'one love, one blood, one life you've got to do what you should, one life with each other: sisters, brothers.'  it's from the U2 song one and it's my all time favorite song ever.  the lyrics are to die for and that statement helps give my life meaning - that we should all help one another because in the end, we really are just the same.  no one's life is more valued than anyone else's. 

5.  my most favorite item in my closet is probably shoes.

a few of the fall line up!

6.  the best cure for a bad day is happy hour with friends, or a drink at home with pi while watching something that will make me laugh.

7.  today is natalie's arrival day- so i'll see you people after the weekend!

12 September 2012

letting go.

yesterday was a rough, bittersweet kind of day.

not only was it 9/11, which i know brings back nightmarish memories for people all across the globe. i know it does for me. but i buried a friend yesterday.  watching his family mourn was heartbreaking, and i know their grief is beyond words.  the service was very nice and we had the opportunity to sit and listen to his family, siblings get up and share their memories of him, which was kind of wonderful, while we all tried to grapple with the conclusion that this was really happening.  he was 26.

but as in many horrible situations, there was a glimmer of happiness.  there is a happiness, for me, in seeing so many of my classmates.  some people i didn't recognize, some people who looked just like i  remember them, which i loved.  it was so awesome to hear how well some people are doing and where their life path has taken them.

for me, high school was another life.  a lifetime ago which included many people who aren't involved in my life today.  but as i was surrounded by people that i spent an important portion of my life with, i was undoubtedly reminded of the fact that these people will never really not be a part of my life.   

i wasn't a big fan of growing up in a small town.  everyone knew eveyone's business and you couldn't go anywhere at all without seeing someone that you knew.  all i wanted to do was get out and leave the people and place behind.  and i went very far indeed, going as far as eastern europe to try to find the truth of my life.  and after years away, when my life path took me back home along with my husband, i didn't have any plans on integrating my past life with my new awesome one.  but just a few week in to being home, a good friend from high school died (yes, another one, this was 3 years ago), and i was thrust back into my high school world.  to put it lightly and briefly, i didn't handle it well.  and this time, i was actually able to enjoy my high school friends company and look back with a smile, somewhat, on my high school life.

but as i slide back from my past life into my current one, i can't help but wonder: how do we integrate  our past lives into our present one?

all these people - an old best friend i've grown apart from, a high school sweetheart, an older friend who got me through my first two years of high school, a boy who i spent a brief amount of time with but who dared to share his soul... while they may not have big parts in my life now, they will always have places in my heart.  and i am finally at a place where i can look back with a smile, and let go of past angers and heartbreaks. 

they don't all fit in to my life now, no.  but they are part of who i am, and many of them helped shape the person that i became, and i carry that with me always. 

just in time for my 10 year high school reunion.

07 September 2012

high school blanks.

how appropriate - today's blanks are school themed.  probably high school themed for me today, since high school is all i've thought about all week. 

1.  my favorite grade in school was  either my sophomore, junior or senior years of high school.  had some amazing friends, started growing up a little, and just had fun years all around.

2.  my favorite teacher was  probably one of the teachers i have now, tony robinson,  because his energy and enthusiasm is just amazing.  it's contagious, he laughed and did voices and cursed and got super into it.  i loved it. 

3.  the highest level of education i have completed is  allllllmost done with my bachelor's in political science with a concentration in public policy!

4. school lunches for me were usually  fast food with my girlfriends in the back of my jetta.  loved them.

5. the amount of money you'd have to pay me to go back to high school would be ...well, if i could just do it over again with the same outcome, probably around a million dollars.  if i could change things a little, well, then, i'd do it for $500,000.

6. a few things that will always remind me of going back to school are: 
new shoes, backpacks, bookstores.

7.  the first day of school was always  something i loved.  it was always so exciting and filled with anticipation.

i guess high school is just the topic of the week.  and it probably will be next week too - funeral on tuesday. :( 

have a good weekend... til next time!

06 September 2012

high high #23


thank god for happy hours. with your best girlfriends.

after a rough couple of days, there's nothing quite like talking your problems out with your girlfriend. at happy hour.  over $2 tecates.

especially when you are reminiscing over a high school friend who just passed away.

it's the simple pleasures...

05 September 2012


hi all. i hate to say it, but i need to get into some personal (and depressing) stuff today.

i woke up this morning to the heartbreaking news that a friend of mine from high school passed away.  out of respect i won't go into who or how or why, but no matter the means, that is the end.

but it got me thinking about bullying and judgment of others. i've seen bullying throughout my life, as everyone else has.  and i have been in both sides of it as well.  but as we get older, bullying takes on different, more complicated and evil forms.  it's not just about making fun of someone's old used backpack, or bad haircut, or whatever kids target.  it becomes about judging people's choices and labeling them, sometimes even writing them off completely.  and the fact of the matter is that  (yes, i know this is cliche) it's impossible to know why people make some of the choices they make.  it's been a journey of life lessons as well as education that i have learned this.  it's easy to judge the homeless person on the corner, asking for money.  it's easy to pass by and not give up the other half of your sandwich or the extra $5 in your wallet.  but how did they get there?  sure, in some cases it could be bad choices - but what led them to those choices?  what past hurt or pain led them to make those choices?

everyone has as path.  i believe that the major points are laid out for you, how you get to those points are up to you. i believe there are some people who aren't meant to be a part of your journey, or perhaps just play a small part.  and those intersecting paths  may be cut off in clean. breaks or rough, jagged, painful edges.  but i guess what i am trying to say is that we should never judge someone else's path.  there are people that are only supposed to have in our lives for a short time, and after that, our paths lead in diffent directions.  they are not for us to judge, just for us to accept and move on.

that's about it for me today.  pretty much listening to this song on repeat today, so enjoy.  and please be nice.

til next time... xoxo

03 September 2012

beer tasting party

hey friends!  hope you have had as awesome of a long holiday weekend as i have!  we decided to welcome in fall with a beer tasting party with some friends on saturday - and it turned out awesome.  pi had the awesome idea to make it like a wine tasting.  he told a bit about each beer we drank, poured it for people in tasting glasses, and we all tasted together and rated our favorite beers.  it was a brilliant idea and it worked out great.

of course i just loved hanging out with friends, the long weekend, and getting ready for fall - our favorite season.  the prep was pretty easy, it was just difficult to narrow down the beer we wanted to try.  for food, we put out some classed-up versions of classic beer food.  fresh pretzel rolls, three mustards for dipping, roasted turkey and honey glazed ham slices, jalapeno kettle chips, malt and vinegar kettle chips, smoked cheddar and gouda cheeses, and grilled bratwurst with fresh sourdough.

table setup
wheat, oats and a vinage seltzer bottle

the sunflowers in a german beer mug were perfect

tasting in full swing

two of our favorite people ever to hang out with

looking stuff up on her phone between tastings

j & r

josh & pi

starburst taste testing - do they all taste the same?

even brew made an appearance!

love this face :)

yes, we drank a LOT.

just for kicks, here was the menu:


my favorite was definitely the jasmine IPA - i am obsessed with both of those things and it tasted like a flower explosion in my mouth.  i picked the he'brew beer because i had been wanting to try it for a long time, and i was glad i finally did.  everyone brought their own picks too, so there was much more sampling long after our samplers were gone.  

yesterday we had w stay the night so we slept in and then went to see the bourne legacy.  jeremy renner movies are kind of a tradition with us, as w & i are both lusting over him currently.  and we saw him in the new mission impossible on new year's eve last year and decided we love him.

today it's all about going to the market and getting out fall clothes!  the 70s are finally in sight and i couldn't be more excited.  oh, and i guess some homework too :)

til next time!